As teachers, we understand that learning is social and that students benefit in many ways from collaborating in the classroom. Working with wikis is an ideal way to incorporate technology into one's teaching and to actively engage today's students in collaboration.

UNESCO's definition of collaborative learning fittingly includes electronic communication:
"COLLABORATIVE LEARNING - when learners work in groups on the same task simultaneously, thinking together over demands and tackling complexities. Collaboration is here seen as the act of shared creation and/or discovery. Within the context of electronic communication, collaborative learning can take place without members being physically in the same location."


"For teachers in the classroom, collaboration is a vital facet of their professional lives; however, educators often fall victim to the 'four-wall syndrome' that prevents prevents professional sharing and isolates educational practice." (Henry, 2005, p.30)

"...content area collaboration lends itself to more in-depth academic discussion and the potential for more significant improvement in student performance." (Henry, 2005, p.31)