"In using wikis, students are not only learning how to publish content; they are also learning how to develop and use all sorts of collaborative skills, negotiating with others the to agree on correctness, meaning, relevance, and more. In essence, students begin to teach each other." (Richardson, 2005, p.19)

Why a Wiki?

Wikis are a great tool for collaborative projects and an innovative way to increase student involvement.

With wikis students can:
  • contribute from anywhere they have access to the internet
  • develop skills in technology
  • develop skills in working collaboratively
  • develop a sense of responsibility and ownership for the content of a site (Richardson, 2005, p.19)

With wikis teachers can:
  • create and maintain a space with with minimal technical expertise or support (Jakes, 2006, p.7)
  • engage students with the use of new technologies
  • easily track student submissions to projects
  • increase student accountability in group projects
  • foster a sense of community within the classroom

Video Presentation

Wiki Collaboration Across the Curriculum by Georgia teacher Vicki Davis who is known for her award winning class wiki and wiki-centric classroom structure. This video is part of the K12 Online Conference 2007

Outline of the Video:
  1. Wiki Background
  2. Why students need to know how to wiki
  3. A brief overview of the active portion of this project
  4. The pedagogical use of wikis in the classroom
  5. Wiki assessment strategies
  6. Common questions from school administrators

Practical Ideas for the Classroom

Teachers First has many good ideas for using wikis in the classroom. They are organized by subject area and grade levels. There are also some mullti-purpose ideas that would be useful for different groups of students.

Classroom 2.0 Wiki
This site is devoted to building resources for the classroom use of Web 2.0 and collaborative technologies.

Tips for using wikis at school successfully